Parrot ASTEROID – Not your Dad’s Car Radio

I remember when I was in high school, one of the kids drove a car that had an 8 track tape player in it, and yes, we made fun of him mercilessly until he spent the money to get a cassette player. I guess now we can make fun of anyone that still has a cassette player huh? Does anyone think CD’s will become a thing of the past? What about satellite radio? Automobile entertainment sure has had a few interesting developments over the years. What could be next?
Here’s something to check out, the Parrot ASTEROID Media Receiver, not your everyday car stereo, this unique device actually harnesses the power of apps, to adapt to whatever it is you may need at the time. Lost? utilize your available maps and location information, hungry? for Veal Scallopini? check out menus and detailed restaurant information, or maybe you’re just lonely, how about letting the Parrot read you some messages from your friends back home?
Parrot ASTEROID is not a web browser, instead it accesses the web using a dongle or via a smartphone’s Bluetooth connection in order to send and receive app info.The Parrot has an embedded Android operating system that lets chose from a nice selection of road worthy applications and it includes the ability to search for music by voice, and make and receive handsfree phone calls.
The Parrot ASTEROID comes with a detachable faceplate and, for your listening pleasure, a 4x55W built-in MOSFET amplifier (a device that increases the amplitude of a digital signal), a subwoofer output, and 6xRCA preamp-output , it also includes an equalizer with sound effects that can help you rock on down the highway. The Parrot sells for under 280 bucks at

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