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Parrot Airborne Night Drone stalks the night

parrot-airborneA couple of days ago, we looked at the Parrot Jumping Night Drone, and while that was a cute little addition to any self respecting drone lover, perhaps you might want to check out something else which would also do its bit to stalk the night. In other words, you can be like Batman – to a certain degree with this rather high tech piece of toy, all without having to have an inheritance like Bruce Wayne’s. The £99.99 Parrot Airborne Night Drone is the modern day “night rider”, where it is capable of performing adrenaline-drenched night patrols.

How does it find its way about? No, there will be no special infrared vision of the sorts, but rather, there will be powerful white LED lights that illuminate your way. If you are a seasoned drone controller, then you can be sure that you will be able to push the Parrot Airborne Night Drone to its limits, as it can perform high-speed flights, flips, and turns with amazing fluidity. Controlling it is a snap thanks to the free FreeFlight 3 app, while a vertical camera would be able to have it capture ‘aerial selfies’. Works great both indoors and outdoors, you can even use the lights to send a Morse Code to your mates from afar.