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Parent’s Voice Book Storyteller lets you be there even when you aren’t

parents-voice-book-storytellerChildren are extremely precious gifts, and boy, do they happen to grow up extremely fast. Having said that, it is best to always devote as much time as possible with them in order to enjoy their growing up years before they end up as rebellious teens who have forgotten the tender years that they spent with you. Some parents do carry out the tradition of reading bedtime stories to their children, but if you are unable to be there in person during certain times due to business travels and the like, then the $69.95 Parent’s Voice Book Storyteller would be the ideal replacement.

The Parent’s Voice Book Storyteller is a storytime buddy which would allow you to prerecord any picture book, allowing a child to hear it being read in your voice. Perfect for loved ones who are unable to be there at bedtime or story hour, the device itself can be clipped to the cover of any illustrated hardback or paperback, where it then records your voice as you read the book. You will have to do so page by page though, so no skimping on this part! Why not spring a surprise as well by inserting personal messages or even throwing in your very own sound effects for that special touch? The recorder is capable of recognizing each page visually, so should a child skip to the end of a book, or to flip back to the beginning, the narration will keep up with the pace. A trio of AA batteries will allow the Parent’s Voice Book Storyteller to run for up to 30 hours.