Parcel Guard smart mailbox

I suppose that it was only a matter of time before the mailbox ended up getting some kind of “smart” technology incorporated, and that proved to be true with Danby Appliances coming up with their Parcel Guard smart mailbox. The Canadian appliance manufacturer has been in business for the past seven decades, and their latest innovation is more than just a place for the delivery man or postman to drop by your mail or parcel, it will also revolutionize the way parcels and mail are received.

 According to Jim Estill, CEO of Danby Appliances and the innovator behind Parcel Guard, “Last year over 25 million households in the United States reported stolen packages. I anticipate that in 10 years, all households will have some sort of parcel mailbox simply because of the way our shopping habits are evolving.” Such statistics mentioned are surprising and yet what is even more surprising is the fact that it took so long for someone to do something about the situation.

With Parcel Guard, your online deliveries will remain safe no matter where you are, at least until you arrive home and pick it up yourself. No longer do you have to be unduly worried about the likes of “Porch Pirates” or missed deliveries. All that your delivery driver needs to do is to open up Parcel Guard’s anti-theft drop slot or scans the package in order to open the safe, where the secure bottom door will then house the mail and packages within. Once Parcel Guard locks itself, you will be instantly notified via an app that your package has arrived safe and sound.

In addition, Parcel Guard boasts of wireless connectivity, a motion-activated IP camera, a tamper alarm and a weight monitor so that it is able to keep track of any hanky panky that occurs. The Parcel Guard will be accompanied by an asking price of $399 and is ready for pre-order as at press time.

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