The Parce Intelligent Energy Saving Program will do all the hard work for you

Parce Idea
There are so many appliances, gadgets, and gizmos in our home that it’s hard to monitor how much energy we use. If it’s not something you pay attention to, then starting from scratch with regulating your usage to try and reduce your energy costs can be a bit dizzying. While it will save you more in the long run, it will take a lot of time to learn your own habits of use.

If you’d like a helping hand with learning your patterns, as well as immediately solving the issue of overuse, then you might like the Parce Idea. This is an intelligent energy saving program that will not only monitor how and when you use plugged-in items, but will also shut things off when it knows they shouldn’t be draining power. On top of that, you can program specific items to turn on and off for certain periods of time from anywhere you have WiFi access.

You’ll receive constant information about your energy consumption, and can choose whether  it will automatically control things, or micromanage your energy consumption manually. If you forget about something being on, it will send you a text reminder and see if you’d prefer it be turned off while you’re out and about. To accommodate an entire household, you’ll probably want to go with the $449 bracket, which includes five of these. You can choose whether it’s white, matte black, or matte silver.

Available for crowdfunding on Indiegogo