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Paracord Zipper Pulls – Don’t throw out that jacket!

Paracord Zipper Pull Tab

Our society is heavily based in an endless cycle of buying, throwing out, and upgrading the things we own. It’s not like we want to cover our country in a landfill, but there isn’t much of a push to fix, recycle, or reuse things. That being said, there are lots of ways you can make your current belongings last longer, and that goes for everything from gadgets and gizmos to clothing.

 If you have a penchant for ripping the tabs off your zippers because of your strong grip, then you only need to replace it rather than toss the whole thing. You could use a keychain ring, or for added functionality there’s this Paracord Zipper Pull. Since you’re likely to break more than one zipper in a lifetime, they come in a four-pack, with color options of black, camo, green, army green, yellow, red or pink. It’s a simple metal loop hook that should fit on any size zipper.

The neat bit about these is that they have 1.8 feet of paracord on each hook, meaning you’ll have 7.2 feet of paracord if you were wearing all four. This is a pretty cheap purchase at around $12, and will not only solve the problem of the missing pull tab, but will give you an EDC item for possible emergencies. It’s having little things like this handy that can turn a bad situation around.

Available for purchase on Amazon