Paperback for the iPhone 5 wants you to remember to pick up some milk

Slowly but surely, we’re filtering our use of paper out completely as we use phones, tablets, and computers more. Of course, many of us are used to writing things down with ink or graphite, and typing just doesn’t feel the same. This is especially the case when you get to cross things off on a sizable to-do list. It is a complete waste of paper, but there’s a different sense of accomplishment that comes from this method rather than backspacing something off of a note.

If you don’t want to completely give up on your old habits, then the Paperback for the iPhone 5 will assist you. There may be apps to do this exact function, but if your phone dies or breaks, you’re going to be sad about life pretty quickly. This is an iPhone 5-sized stack of post-it notes that will stick to the back of your case. This means you can doodle, take notes, or write down directions if you don’t want to unlock your phone, find the notepad, wait for the keyboard to load properly, and type it in.

This may only save you a few seconds of time, but there are times in life where you don’t want to wait on your phone to get up to speed. If you have this first world problem, then these are available for $8, and only come in yellow. It is a stack of them, so you can choose how many you stick on at once. The only fear I would have is their adhesive nature not being strong enough to withstand the abuse my phone goes through daily and falling off on the regular.

Available for purchase at ilovehandles, found via incrediblethings