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Paper Shampoo: Travel With Clean Hair

Flight restrictions have made it impossible to bring any sort of liquid as carry-on onto a plane. Sure, sure, we understand. It’s for our security and they don’t know if we’ve replaced the shampoo with some sort of volatile liquid. But I can assure you. If I were a terrorist, the last thing I would do right now is bring liquid on a plane, knowing how thoroughly security checks through bottles.

And even so. What am I going to do? Lather the pilot’s hair into submission? With that said, there is no way you’re going to be able to bring a bottle of shampoo on a plane with you. So for those situations, here is a cool idea. Paper Shampoo which comes stored in solid sheets.

When water is applied, these Paper Shampoo sheets dissolve into a liquid lather, both keeping your hair clean, and avoiding a late night trip to the grocery store for hygiene products, just because you know the cheap hotel shampoo will leave your hair damaged and dirty.

Paper Shampoo comes with 30 single use sheets in one convenient travel container. Each container only costs $12.50. So while the shampoo might not be the top quality you expect out of a hair hygeine product, at least you can save some time by not being stopped for hoarding liquid onto a plane.

Product Page via Gear Diary

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4 thoughts on “Paper Shampoo: Travel With Clean Hair”

  1. Last I heard, TSA was going to ban paper deliverables like those Listerine breath strips, too. You can substitute flash paper, acetate and phosphorous grains in the paper and they’ll ignite anything, even so-called non-flammable fabrics. Hopefully just a rumor, because it’s already gotten ridiculous.

    I do want these, though, even if I can’t have them in carry-on. I’m big on small when it comes to packing.

  2. I travle the world and the seven seas , smuggling shampoo in my hand lug gage , lalala laaa lala lala laa , never found the shower on the areoplane ooooooo o oooo o whoehoe hoehoehoe hoe hoeeee …
    having non medicinal non beverage liquids in your handluggage is suspicious from the start …
    whatever they might say … whatever story’s u hear …. there’s no shower on the aeroplane .

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