Papaerlike might save your sight from an early grave


In the Information age, we spend more time than ever in front of one or more screens for 8+ hours a day. If you work on a computer, then you know how bad the eye strain can get when you’re nearing a deadline. Having worked as a writer and photographer for many years, I’ve spent one too many days and far too many hours in a dark room with a bright screen, and am already having to deal with the effects on my vision.

While using an E-Ink display would greatly reduce the strain on our eyes as it doesn’t emit any light, no one has really made the effort to make anything bigger than a Kindle. Enter in Paperlike, the world’s first E-Ink Monitor that is a 13.3” screen which takes the crisp and detailed images you would see on a regular monitor and puts them on an E-Ink display to unburden your eyes. There are four image processing algorithms to choose from so you can view your screen in whatever way you prefer.

There’s also threshold contrast conditioning so you can adapt different fonts and color themes to E-Ink. Much like a tablet, you can also use this USB connected monitor in either landscape or portrait mode. If you’re looking to make life easier for your eyes and want to keep your vision past the age of 50, then you’ll be looking at putting down $799-899 on this crowdfunding project.

Available for crowdfunding on Indiegogo