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The PancakeBot prints perfectly precise pancakes


Not everyone has the fortitude to wake up each morning and make an actual breakfast for themselves. The only people who absolutely must on a daily basis are parents, as you can’t really send a little kid to school without giving them some form of nutrition before they spend hours learning. If you actually enjoy breakfast and want to make it a bit more interesting, then why not add a little flair to the morning routine?

While it would take a bit of planning, this PancakeBot is sure to help your kids care about eating, and will make morning prep more interesting for you. This is a batter dispensing system that will print and cook pancakes for your household. It comes with software that will let you or your little ones draw your own masterpieces to be printed and eaten as well. Of course, if no one is fond of drawing, then you could certainly use the pre-made options, or just look up art online.

This consists of the BPA-free plastic bottle that will hold your batter, a non-stick griddle, and the system that makes it all possible. Almost all parts of this are removable for easy cleanup, and the only thing you’ll need to worry about is playing with the thickness of your batter. Keep in mind that you will need to have an SD card and a card reader on your computer to be able to access any art though. This is a purchase that will cost around $300, but will definitely make breakfast more entertaining.

Available for purchase on Amazon