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Panasonic reveals enhanced freeze-ray series Data Archiver

panasonic-logoIn this day and age, we happen to have a whole lot of data to deal with when it comes to our personal devices, as our smartphones and digital cameras are capable of snapping ever higher resolution images and record Full HD videos, 4K even in certain instances, and memory gets cheaper and cheaper to boot. The thing is, where do we store all of these data, and to sort them through? Surely having a collection of hard drives or Blu-ray disc archive is not all that conducive in the long run. Panasonic has come up with a rather brilliant solution – the enhanced “freeze-ray” series Data Archiver which will make use of 300GB Optical Discs.

This “freeze-ray” series Data Archiver is slated for a roll out some time in the second half of this year, where such a data archiving system will be based on large-capacity optical discs that will be able to complement conventional recording media, including the likes of HDDs and magnetic tape, and will see action in high-efficiency, next- generation data centers.

Panasonic’s Optical Disc-Based Data Archive System has already been adopted in corporations and public institutions that require long-term data storage. “Freeze-ray” is a technology that was developed through extensive validation and testing, where it will be deployed in the data centers of a large-scale Cloud Service Provider in the US, being an Optical Disc-Based Data Archive System based on 100GB Blu-ray Disc.

With the goal of providing at-scale data storage, the enhanced freeze-ray system will adopt the Archival Disc with a recording capacity of 300GB per disc, and use of the 300GB Archival Disc will enable a maximum of 1.9 petabytes of data to be crammed within a standard 19-inch data center rack, now how about that for long term storage that is safe and secure?

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