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Panasonic Real Pro ULTRA 3D Massage Chair sports 3D technology

panasonic-realpro3dWhen it comes to 3D technology, one of the first things that come to mind would be the kind of movies that we see on the silver screen, where you wear a special pair of glasses, and then will be able to see images jump straight out from the screen right in front of you. However, do bear in mind that the third dimension does more than just keep people entertained, which is where the Panasonic Real Pro ULTRA 3D Massage Chair comes in handy.

As its name suggests, this is one particular chair that does more than just give you a good support whenever you would like to rest. It will be part of Panasonic’s range of high-end, critically-acclaimed full-body massage chairs, where it carries a price tag of $8,999.99 – which is rather high when you think about it, although before you say “Nay” to purchasing one and busting your bank account in the process, you might want to take into consideration the potential benefits that comes with it.

The Real Pro ULTRA has been equated to having your very own personal masseuse in your home, thanks to the full-body massage capability which makes use of 3D massage technology. Just what is 3D massage technology? We are looking at multi-directional, double-heated rollers working alongside focused stimulation for soothing hands, legs and feet.

There will be internal sensors dotted throughout this luxury, full-body massage chair in order to create a virtual map of your body’s contours, so that it can guide multi-directional rollers to precise locations along the back and spine. Apart from that, the rollers will also help to increase circulation and stretch, soothe and relax tense, tired muscles. The double-heated multi-directional rollers will do their bit to deliver concentrated warmth and relaxing pressure to the neck, back and shoulders, allowing it to simulate the relief of hot stone therapy.

A slew of pre-set massage options that include refresh, deep, shiatsu, hip, neck/shoulder and lower back should cover just about any and every ground. Any takers?

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