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Panasonic Nubo camera relies on 4G connectivity

panasonic-nuboSo far, how has your 4G LTE experience been when it comes to surfing on a particular device? It surely defies imagination, although I do wonder whether the “wow” factor is there as though you were experiencing a huge shift from GPRS and EDGE to 3G connectivity in the past. Having said that, Panasonic intends to take full advantage of a decent 4G connection by introducing their Panasonic Nubo, which is a connected 4G monitoring camera.

Forget about having a professional camera system installed in your home or office that will rely on a Wi-Fi connected kit, with the spanking new Panasonic Nubo, you will be able to fall back on its very own 4G network connection. In other words, you will gain the mobility of a Wi-Fi kind of device, all without having to be limited to the trappings of a standard Wi-Fi network that will certainly fail whenever the power is cut.

The Panasonic Nubo is best described to be a standalone camera complete with its very own mobile data plan. The Nubo itself will cost you $249, which makes it far from being an impulse purchase, while the data plan will set you back anywhere from $7 to $10 monthly, boasting of weekly cloud storage backups and 250 notifications. The most expensive data plan will cost somewhere in the region of $60 alongside month-long cloud storage backups and 2,500 notifications. I suppose you can also use this for other semi-covert operations in public, where you would like to record something without having to rely on a Wi-Fi network.

The Panasonic Nubo happens to be weather resistant and will boast of sensor connectivity through an integrated wireless radio. Not only that, extra sensor controls will allow it to trigger human detection, while two-way communication has been built into the system so that users are able to talk to one another via the camera when an alert is triggered. An external battery pack is part of the deal, letting you use it even when there is no power source in the vicinity.

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