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Panasonic HX-A1 wearable action camera snaps all the money shots

panasoinc-hx-a1Panasonic has its fair share of digital cameras for the masses, but this time around they have embarked on a slightly different journey – that is, to roll out a device that will go down well with adrenaline junkies. I am referring to the Panasonic HX-A1 wearable, ultra-compact, POV action camcorder that is extremely lightweight, it tips the scales at approximately 45 grams – which is minimal when you tote it around with you. This will make hands-free close to imperceptible, and not only that, it also enables for a longer period of recording exciting scenes in Full HD resolution.

Thanks to the Panasonic HX-A1’s rugged structure, it ensure that dust as well as water will be kept at bay, and at the same time, is a real trooper since it will be able to offer protection against impact and cold temperatures. It does not matter whether you are out there getting wet as you indulge in some crazy whitewater rafting adventures, or head for a snowboarding and skiing trip in the freezing cold, the Panasonic HX-A1 is more than capable to face the task, courtesy of its high durability.

It is waterproof down to 5 feet, and also shockproof up to a similar level, not to mention is freeze-proof to -10 degrees C, while integrated Wi-Fi capability lets you upload and share images to Social Media sites sans wires.

There is also another feature that would make the Panasonic HX-A1 stand out from the rest of the crowd, that is, its ability to shoot in total darkness. With the assistance of an infrared (IR) light source (that is commercially available) and an IR filter for night mode (which comes with the packaging), one will be able to capture video in caves without any light or nocturnal wildlife at night. Surely this is an action camera that you would be interested to check out, since it comes with a real solid bunch of features right out of the box.

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