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The Panasonic Eye Steamer will cook your face to perfection

Panasonic Facial Eye Steamer

When we’re tired, it shows pretty quickly on our faces. We start developing dark circles under our eyes, our face starts breaking out, and it’s hard to keep our eyelids open. If you have to work a full day when you’re already exhausted, you’re really going to be putting your body and specifically your eyes through the ringer. Staring at a computer all day is murder on your poor peepers, and if you start to have eye fatigue, you’re going to want a way to placate it so you can keep on working.

While you should be looking away from your computer every twenty minutes or so for about twenty seconds at a time, we’re really, really bad at that. Those seconds go by slower than waiting for Friday to roll around on a Monday. That being said, some heat might do the trick for the short term, and this Panasonic Eye Steamer could be just the thing you need…if you like spending lots of money and don’t have a wash cloth along with access to hot water.

There are three different rhythm courses that can last anywhere from 6-12 minutes. It will sit snugly over the bridge of your nose, and a pad will retain the effects of the steam so you don’t have water running everywhere. The moisture and heat should help with your eyes, but that’s if you’re using it for around 12 minutes a day. It takes around an hour to charge, and should run for two 12 minutes sessions off of a full battery. This setup is going to cost you $124, and is likely meant for people who work high-paying jobs where you sit in front of a computer for long hours.

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