Panasonic DL-GWN lighted toilet seat

panasonic-gl-dwn.jpgPeeing in the wee hours (no pun intended) of the morning is rather problematic for certain segments of the population as they do not have the laser-guided equipment that George Bush Jr. has at his disposal. After all, nobody is at his best frame of mind to calculate complex trigonometry formulas in order to obtain the correct trajectory required to aim in the correct place without wetting the entire toilet seat (with much chagrin to his partner) as well as himself.

Panasonic has taken up this noble task to guide men who cannot aim for nuts with the DL-GWN toilet seat that provides a bullseye light which will definitely help whenever you want to take aim and fire. Although females don’t really need the help of the DL-GWN to aim as they remain seated throughout the entire process, they will definitely appreciate the seat-warming function that comes in handy during those long, cold winter months. After all, the marketing people at Panasonic won’t really bother which gender purchases it as long as the sales register continues to ring it up.

The Panasonic DL-GWN will be released this November at an estimated retail price of $1,165. You could save yourself more than a grand by just turning on the bathroom light at night, but that will detract from the coolness factor which made you pony up that obscene amount of money in the first place, wouldn’t it?

Source: Gizmodo