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Palm releases webOS 1.4

At long last, the folks over at Palm has decided to do something about their webOS by releasing a most timely update, this time round bringing the version number up to webOS 1.4. You won’t need to make a trip to any store if you want to install the update since this will come across as an over-the-air (OTA) update, and is readily available for customers who are subscribed to the Sprint network in the US, while folks living on the other side of the pond will be able to get it as well assuming they’re under the O2 UK, O2 DE, O2 Ireland and Movistar umbrellas. As for Palm webOS smartphones which are available on other networks, expect the update to roll out in a short while. What’s so great about webOS 1.4? Well, why not head over to the extended post to find out?

webOS 1.4 introduces the ability to capture, edit, and share video, letting you upload your footage to YouTube or Facebook after making a quick edit to make you look as flattering as possible. Apart from that, you can also send those videos and images through email or MMS using but a couple of taps. With the world being such a fast paced place these days, being more productive is also another way of describing webOS 1.4 since it allows you to get more done within a shorter span of time, thanks to new features thrown into the Calendar, Phone, Messaging, and Email apps which simplify common tasks after taking into consideration feedback from their customers. Take for example, the Calendar app lets you dial a number that appears in the subject of an appointment. As for the Email app, you are now able to sort by date, sender, and subject.

Apart from that, your webOS-powered smartphone will also be the recipient of enhanced notifications, as the LED in the gesture area now lights up and pulses if you have a notification even is the display is turned off. This allows you to customize notification sounds in Messaging, Email (on an account-by-account basis), and Calendar. Additional notification sounds have been thrown in the ringtones library for a more customizable approach. Anyone given it a go yet, and how do you find it?

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