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The Paleos PRONATIV chain mail running shoes protect your feet


Chainmmail was used to keep warriors safe during battles long ago. While we don’t need to worry about hand-to-hand combat anymore, that doesn’t mean this type of armor doesn’t still have practical uses. While it may be more commonly seen in re-enactments, movies, and with LARPers, there’s a use for chainmail that you may not have expected.

The Paleos PRONATIV shoes are foot coverings that are solely metal rings and cord. These can be worn in water, used for running, hiking, and all manner of outdoorsy activities. The lacing is done in such as way that it will hold even while you’re running in wet and muddy areas. In fact, that is said to be the ideal place to wear these. This pair will run around $260, but if you’re not wanting these for vigorous activity, there are options that are $20-40 less.

If you want to use these for everything under the sun, you can also get “Multi-Paws” attached that are placed strategically which will help you to avoid slipping on naturally slick areas or smooth surfaces in urban settings. It is said that with this addition you’ll also be all but silent on hard flooring. These will cost close to $50 as an add-on, and there are a variety of colors and thicknesses for you to choose from depending on what you plan to use these open-air shoes for.

Available for purchase on magento.gost-barefoots