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These Paint Retouching Pens make sure redecorating is done right

Paint retouching Pens

When you don’t want to pay exorbitant amounts of money to someone else to do a job for you, you do it yourself. This can be difficult tasks like moving a piano, or smaller things like painting a room in your home. It’s easy to tell when something has been done by a professional or not, but if you want to do it on your own you want to at least make sure it looks like you did slightly more than a passable job.

Painting is rough business, and detailing an entire room to be perfect is a daunting task. The most lengthy aspect of the processĀ is picking out what color paint you’ll use, but past that, the hard part is applying it. You’ll need brushes and trays for the paint, but after the task is done, it’s going to be easy to notice the flaws. Instead of pulling out the big brushes, you can use this little Paint Retouching Pen for tiny tasks.

This is an air-tight pen that will let you cover up any missed spots or scratches that happen over time. You’ll be able to fill this up from the paint of your choice with the included syringe, and make detailed corrections. Since this prevents the paint from meeting with outside air, you won’t have to worry about it drying over time. This set will give you two of these pens if the task requires more than one person, and the syringe to refill them. This is going to cost you $9.99, and will be what takes your DIY paint project from a decent job to a great one.

Available for purchase on Vat19

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