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The Paint Handy will help your paint job look professional

Paint Handy

When you have to paint a room, there are several different aspects you have to account for. You’ll want to tape off all of the windowsills, electrical outlets, ceiling, and put drop cloths down so any spills or drips don’t ruin your floor. Even with all of those precautions, there’s still a chance that you can mess something up pretty badly. There’s also the joyous task of cleaning up afterward, which is not exactly easy.

If you want to paint flawlessly and have taken all the precautions, then the only possible issue left would be sloshing paint out of your tray or worse yet, dropping it. The Paint Handy looks like a normal pallet, but is lined with microfiber cloth that will catch the paint and keep it stationary until your brush comes in to soak it up. It can hold up to 12 ounces of paint, and you can even turn it upside down without the fear of it going everywhere.

There’s a strap on the back which will make sure it can’t fall out of your grasp, and the liner is removable so it can be washed when you’re done. This even comes with a squeegee so you don’t have to lose paint if you over-poured. You’ll have to part with $25.50 to acquire one of these, but that’s not too much more to add to the arsenal of painting supplies versus hiring a professional.

Available for purchase on Vat19

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