Paint makes your entire wall an On/Off Switch

This is an interesting device that looks to be on display at some convention somewhere, but my Source doesn’t say where.
I also don’t know whether or not that On/Off paint is this product’s official name, but it certainly is the best descriptor.
I’m also not certain how this works, but apparently, the user brushes or rolls the special paint on the wall, and then set up an electric switch for lights or whatever appliance you care to power up.
This certainly helps in situations where you are in a dark room and stumbling for the switch. Instead of knocking things off the shelf or bumping your knee, you can just touch the wall with On/Off Paint. That, or whatever spot you paint on the wall with the On/Off Paint.
Sounds great, right? I sure like the sound of it. Not only does this On/Off Paint have this uncanny ability to somehow conduct electricity, but the user can cover it with an entirely coat of paint or even wallpaper. I even heard that there is a way to dim the lights, but I don’t have any details on that.
I also do not have any information on a price or availability date. (Just full of non-specifics on this one!) I would imagine that it won’t be cheap, and it will hopefully made sometime soon.