Paick Sleek ultra thin portable power bank for thirsty devices

paick-sleekAsk just about anyone these days on the number of personal mobile devices that they own, and the bare minimum answer would be one – their smartphone. When you throw into the mix a bunch of other devices such as GPS navigation devices, tablets, and digital cameras among others, you know for sure that there will be moments when you would actually forget to juice up that particular device. To your dismay, whenever you need to make use of that device’s function, a dead battery throws a spanner in the works. If only you had something like the Paick Sleek ultra thin portable power bank to back you up!

The Paick Sleek comes with an attached microUSB cable and handle for easy portability, where it has been specially shaped to resemble that of a smartphone, all the while featuring a glossy UV processed surface with anti-scratch technology as well as an anti-slip back so that it does not end up on the floor by accident just because you happen to have a case of butterfingers.

Just how much power does the Paick Sleek pack that we are talking about here? How about 6,000mAh for starters? That amount of juice can then be channeled to thirsty devices thanks to an attached micro USB/USB cable which is capable of doubling up as a handle to hook it to other items such as pants and bags, all the while offering a superior dustproof environment.

The Paick Sleek measures a mere 5.7” x 2.9” x ½” (147 x 76 x 13mm) and is extremely light on your pockets literally, as it tips the scales at a mere 5 ounces. It comes with a touch sensor switch for on/off controls that makes it all the more futuristic, and its battery life of over 500 times ought to be able to last you quite a while – at least for one and a half years if you use it every single day to the maximum capability. Expect to pick up the Paick Sleek for $49.99 a pop.