LG Cinebeam Laser 4K Projector offers short throw magic

Want to truly impress your family and friends this coming holiday season as well as into the new year? You will be able to do so without any issue at all with LG’s latest CineBeam Laser 4K projector. This second generation model will boast of Ultra Short Throw (UST) technology that offers a very minimal space requirement, and yet its compact design is able to project stunningly sharp 4K images on just about any decent flat surface, be it a wall, floor or ceiling.

Omron Healthcare HeartGuide available for pre-order

It is inevitable that as our bodies begin to age, we end up with more and more ailments, not to mention parts of our bodies begin to function in a less efficient manner than ever before. Many of the elderly have learned to cope with various conditions, and having a blood pressure monitor machine at home is always handy. Omron Healthcare has come up with its all-new HeartGuide, which is touted to be the first wearable blood pressure monitor from the company. Made available for pre-orders already, this oscillometric blood pressure monitor would arrive in the design of a wrist watch and has picked up clearance from the FDA as a personal medical device.

Razer Turret for Xbox One

When it comes to all things that concern gaming peripherals and accessories, there is one particular name that should always be taken into consideration: Razer. This leading lifestyle brand for gamers has just introduced an all new method of enjoying your Xbox One console via the introduction of the Razer Turret, a wireless keyboard and mouse combo that has been specially designed for Microsoft’s console.

Marshall Voice with Google Assistant smart speaker

Since you already own a smart home and have a smartphone, why not expand the number of devices in your home that will help make living more convenient with a smart speaker? This is what the Marshall Voice with Google Assistant is all about: a smart speaker offering that will work with Google’s voice assistant in order to transform your everyday living into a far more convenient experience. There are two models in this range: the smaller Acton II Voice with the Google Assistant built-in as well as the larger Stanmore II Voice with the Google Assistant built-in, retailing for $299 and $399, respectively.

Skullcandy Push wireless earbuds revealed

We all need a little bit of music in order to boost our day or perhaps even enhance our performance in terms of work or sports, and a pair of wired headphones is often the most common recourse that a listener resorts to. However, a decent pair of wireless earbuds that stays in place no matter how active you are is the far more convenient solution, as there is no tangled mess to contend with, and neither do you need to look dated. The Skullcandy Push wireless earbuds might be worth considering for those who are in the market for such a device, as it delivers an untethered audio experience in a bold design and sleek fit.

MESHdot Kit Wi-Fi mesh network system announced

EnGenius Technologies Inc. has something that will definitely keep everyone who would like to have decent enough Wi-Fi coverage in their large home happy: the MESHdot Kit Wi-Fi mesh network system. This particular bundle would comprise of an elegant wireless mesh router known as the EMR3500, and the MESHdot (EMD11). The MESHdot is touted to be one of the smallest AC1300 mesh nodes in the market, and both of these devices will be powered by some of Qualcomm’s latest consumer technology underneath the hood. In fact, this new Wi-Fi mesh network system is so easy to set up, it can be considered to be a direct solution for families who want to enjoy spotless single-network Wi-Fi signal across the entire house and backyard without having to fork out a small fortune.

TrueLook 4K indoor camera

Many of us are aware of being more security conscious these days, taking the necessary precautions at our homes in order to minimize the possibility of unwanted intrusion. A good set of CCTV or indoor cameras is always a deterrent, as it functions as your electronic eye that keeps track of the latest happenings in your surroundings even when you are not around. The TrueLook 4K indoor camera might be something that you would want to consider for this coming Christmas then, as it features a built-in 4G LTE cellular modem to ensure that you do not have to rely on your Wi-Fi network all the time.

Phiaton Curve BT 120 NC wireless headphones

Everyone loves to enjoy their very own collection of specially curated playlists, since it offers an escape from the current reality. The level of enjoyment greatly hinges on the quality of headphones that you wear, and then a choice between wired and wireless too, needs to be made. Phiaton has come up with the all-new Phiaton Curve BT 120 NC wireless headphones that boasts of a slew of features including active noise cancellation, IPX4 rating, an extended battery life and Phiaton’s Fast Charging technology. Specially constructed for listening on the go, those who are interested in this pair of wireless cans will be able to pick it up for $79.

AIRLIFT Tempered Glass Electric Standing Desk

For many of us, a desk is a place where we do our work, where more often than not all work would be done sitting down. However, there is a changing trend these days that might signal a shift in things to come. Have you ever considered the possibilities of working while standing up? This is what Seville Classics, a supplier of premium ergonomic standing desks, has in mind with the latest addition to its expanding range of AIRLIFT standing desk solutions. Enter the AIRLIFT Tempered Glass Electric Standing Desk.

Vivo NEXT Dual Display Edition announced

Vivo has certainly made waves over the past few years when it comes to rolling out smartphones that are packed with quality components and offering a performance-for-value ratio that can only be matched by other China-based players such as Xiaomi, Huawei and Oppo. This time around, their flagship series has just received a bump in the form of the NEX Dual Display Edition. The NEX Dual Display Edition offers a revolutionary dual-screen design which is able to provide a truly multifaceted smartphone experience, sporting an advanced triple camera setup alongside other kinds of industry-leading technologies.

Presenting the all-new Razer Blade Stealth gaming laptop

Razer is one of the top names when it comes to gaming devices and peripherals, and they are rather adept at rolling out quality laptops, too. The Razer Blade Stealth is a newly redesigned 13-inch ultraportable laptop that boasts of three new configurations that should be able to suit virtually every type of user. Sporting individually calibrated micro edge thin-bezel displays with up to 4K resolution, an increased battery life of up to 13 hours, as well as NVIDIA GeForce dedicated graphics, you might even find it to be more powerful than your existing humble gaming desktop rig at home.