Mixfit personalized nutritional supplement delivery appliance

Who doesn’t want to be healthy and fit all the time? We all know that there is no running away from the twin responsibilities of healthy eating and a good amount of exercise in order to be fighting fit. While getting off your bum to sweat it out might be intimidating to some, making the right choices for your meals would be far easier, and Mixfit is here to help with the introduction of the first personalized nutritional supplement delivery appliance.

Cat S48c smartphone offers rugged performance in a compact package

While many of the modern day smartphones do have plenty of features and functions, one thing they’re not: built tough in order to withstand the numerous rigors of accidental drops and knocks. Cat handsets are in a totally different category altogether, with the recent debut of the Cat S48c rugged smartphone being made available by Verizon Wireless. The Cat S48c has been specially designed to keep working even in the toughest of environments, delivering exceptional performance when needed most.

Razer Raptor Gaming Monitor

Now here is a gaming monitor that all serious gamers ought to take into consideration if they are looking to upgrade their existing gaming setup: the Razer Raptor Gaming Monitor. This is an all-new 27-inch gaming monitor that arrives with a display which is e-sports ready, accompanied by fast response rates, HDR support, integrated cable management and Razer Chroma capability which will not only help up your game the next time you sit down and have a gaming session with friends, but also have a really good looking monitor on top.

Scosche BaseLynx system keeps devices organized during charging

When it comes to accessories for mobile devices, there is one particular name that tends to deliver well thought up solutions consistently: Scosche. This time around, this innovative company has come up with an elegant solution to the challenge of keeping multiple and diverse devices charged and organized via its all-new BaseLynx system. With a myriad of mobile devices that each person owns these days, it makes perfect sense if there is a system which will be able to keep everything well organized, and the Scosche BaseLynx system does seem to fit the bill perfectly.

Philips Brilliance 49’’ SuperWide Curved LCD Display

Now here is a monitor that movie buffs as well as gaming enthusiasts alike would love to own: the Philips Brilliance 49″ SuperWide Curved LCD Display. This is a unique display, where it happens to be larger than most flat screen TVs that you would find in cramped apartments and small homes. Offering visual brilliance that is spread across its Dual Quad HD 5120 x 1440 resolution screens, you will also benefit from an innovative webcam that is accompanied by advanced sensors for Windows Hello facial recognition.

Proactive Voice Service handy for elderly at home

As we age, our bodies become less supple and we end up relying more and more on medication in order to help us along comfortably. One of the main dangers for the elderly would be falls, as brittle bones fall victim all too easily. MobileHelp and LifePod Solutions have worked together to unveil a proactive voice service enhanced with emergency response, targeting older adults who are aging at home in addition to healthcare patients and their caregivers.

UMindSleep mini EEG sleep monitor

It is not only imperative that one obtains the right amount of sleep each night, but also one that is of good quality. CES 2019 saw EEGSmart reveal their very first Mini Electroencephalogram (EEG) Sleep Monitor, known as UMindSleep. With Artificial intelligence (AI) in the realm of healthcare making waves this year, the UMindSleep carries the distinction of bringing together both hardware and software in a Brain-Machine Interface system which will help collect EEG data in real-time, while working behind the scenes to analyze people’s mental states via its AI technology.

D-Link Exo router series revealed

For many of us, a regular Wi-Fi network at home is good enough for everyday use. After all, how many of us happen to live in an unbelievably large mansion? It is however a rather common occurrence that in some places, there are dead spots where the Wi-Fi signal is unable to reach. Enter networking specialists D-Link with their latest D-Link Exo series of routers, debuting at the recently concluded CES 2019. D-Link has teamed up with security company McAfee to bring about a secure home network that simply works no matter which room you are in.

Kate Spade Scallop 2 smartwatch

Not all smartwatches are created equal, with some of them more honed in on their functionality while others prefer to tread the middle line between practical use and style. Kate Spade of New York would like to offer plenty of style without losing out on any of its substance with the introduction of its signature Scallop 2 smartwatch. This touchscreen-enabled timepiece is the first smartwatch developed under Kate Spade’s new creative director, Nicola Glass, where it will incorporate a refined approach to color, a sense of discovery, and, of course, the signature mark of the fashion house: the spade.

Heatworks showcase Tetra countertop dishwasher

Want to spruce up your home this year? Well, there are many different ways where you are able to do so instead of just giving the house a new coat of paint. How about checking out the kitchen to see whether there is any lack of an appliance, such as a dishwasher? Heatworks has taken the opportunity to announce the all-new Tetra countertop dishwasher at this year’s edition of CES in Las Vegas, which ought to make life a whole lot easier and more convenient for the masses in due time.

UAG Metropolis iPad Pro cases revealed

Any Apple product will certainly share a special kind of design aesthetics that makes it extremely pleasing to look at, with clean lines all over that deliver a minimalist look. With that in mind, it makes perfect sense to purchase accessories that will be able to help prevent any kind of external damage such as scratches and dents where possible, and Urban Armor Gear, or better known as UAG in short, has just revealed their Metropolis Series for the iPad Pro. The iPad Pro happens to be Apple’s most advanced iPad to date, and the Metropolis Series of protective cases will cater to the 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro.