Swann keeps a record of your driving

swann-dashcamDash cameras in vehicles are nothing new, but it is nice to see how technology makes things safer for just about every single one of us. For instance, rear view cameras that has a built-in camera are not uncommon, and Swann would like to expand their portfolio in the realm of DIY security monitoring has shown off its new range of High Definition dash cameras: namely the Navigator HD Dash Camera and Economy HD Dash Camera. Regardless of which model that you decide to bring home, it offers drivers a new level of protection, as the full HD cameras come equipped with G-sensor accident detection, a vehicle safety system that detects sudden acceleration, collisions and safeguards from fraudulent insurance claims.

Havahart Bark Stop Collar offers some much needed peace in the neighborhood

havahart-bark-stopA dog has been said to be a man’s best friend for countless generations, and in an emergency, you would want a dog to be at your side to help you out compared to say, a cat or a hamster, or even worse, a fish. All of the rest aren’t going to help you out in a tight spot, and neither can they bring you out for walks, guide you through treacherous paths, or even take out some cash from the ATM for you. Heck, as a cat to bring you your morning paper and see how it reacts! However, a dog that is poorly trained or not at all can be quite a nuisance, even more so if it barks – a whole lot. Havahart Wireless intends to have a solution to this challenge with the Havahart Bark Stop Collar, which happens to be a multi-level correction instrument ideal for dog training.

Logitech GROUP lets you collaborate in a group remotely

logitech-groupThere is power in synergy, and a whole lot more gets done in a teamwork style than if you were to fly solo – except perhaps, if you are painting a masterpiece like the Sistine Chapel and would not want any other artist’s input in the matter. Well, modern day businesses dictate that working as a group will reap far more benefits than being a lone ranger, which is why Logitech decided to furnish one with the relevant tools to get the job done – in the form of the Logitech GROUP.

Sharp reveals pair of AQUOS BOARD interactive display systems

sharp-wireless-boardWhen it comes to the corporate world, one thing that cannot be avoided would be meetings – and having said that, meetings in the modern world has long ditched blackboards with white chalk, but rather, depend on sleek PowerPoint presentations. The traditional whiteboard too, has been replaced by electronic whiteboards, and Sharp would like to expand the reach of its corporate offerings by revealing a pair of AQUOS BOARD interactive display systems, which are better known as the 70″ Class (69.5″ diagonal) PN-L703W display and the 60″ Class (60.5″ diagonal) PN-L603W display.

The Exotic Virtual Adventure Run makes working out seem interesting

Exotic Virtual Adventure Run

We all want that amazing beach body, but that would require us to eat bland food and work out. It’s not really that exercising is terrible, it’s just really boring. Not only are you doing the same tedious task over and over again, but it’s not engaging your mind at all. You end up sweaty and feeling great afterward, but it’s hard to have an hour of focusing on…not focusing.

Fluance Fi70 Bluetooth speaker is also an elegant fashion statement

fi70There are Bluetooth speakers, and then there are Bluetooth speakers. Just like many different kinds of devices that are in the market, there are different ranges available for the consumer to choose from, and the same applies to speakers. Fluance is a name not to be trifled with, and they have just announced the new Fi70 Bluetooth speaker that intends to make a statement no matter where you place it in your office or the living room. The Fluance Fi70 will harness the power of incomparable audio to deliver true enjoyment for your ears.

New Vaio Z and Vaio S business notebooks

vaio-sIs it me, or has it been so long since we actually came across the name Vaio where notebooks are concerned? The Sony Vaio Fit did not really manage to take the world by storm, and it looks as though there is still hope for the Vaio brand just yet after Sony sold it off to concentrate on other matters, as over in the US, Vaio has just announced the arrival of its new flagship notebook line, where there are the Vaio Z and the Vaio S. The Vaio Z will arrive in flip and clamshell models with the former being a two-in-one convertible, while the other standard model would be the Vaio S that has been developed to target the hardworking business professional. Regardless of which particular model that you decide to settle for, they will arrive in a lightweight form factor with sophisticated design that is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.