Occly reveals the wearable Body Cam Alarm System

occlyWhen it comes to the issue of personal safety, there are several things that can be taken into consideration. While having a certain degree of knowledge concerning self-defense is always useful, why not go the extra mile by giving technology a chance to shine? Occly has come up with what they call the wearable Body Cam Alarm System, being the first of its kind from their product stable that will boast of a quartet of cameras which can capture close to 280 degrees around someone. This is not so much a security device as it is something that will allow a worker to enjoy additional employee safety and protection while they are going about their task.

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ANNKE ups home security ante with Nova Orion and Nova S

annke-nova-sIt has been said before that a man’s home is his castle. However, a castle is supposed to impart a sense of majesty and an impregnable fortress, and the latter is something that is sadly missing from the equation in many homes these days, judging by the amount of break-ins that we read about in the news each day. Having a home security system installed is important, and this would include making sure that there are adequate cameras in strategic locations placed. ANNKE has stepped into the fray yet again with its latest smart home security cameras, the Nova S and the Nova Orion, with the former being made available already while the latter is arriving soon.

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Satechi Aluminum Type-C Clamp Hub

Satechi-Aluminum-Type-C-Clamp-Hub-ProSatechi is well known for rolling out accessories for computers as well as mobile devices for many a year now, so much so that they have gotten extremely good at it. In fact, many of Satechi’s past releases have always managed to successfully maintain the general design flow of the product or brand that it is supposed to work with, and the same applies to the all new Aluminum Type-C Clamp Hub that has been exclusively designed for the new 2017 iMac Pro, iMac Retina 4K and 27-inch 5K models.

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Polar Seal smart clothing heats up via a button

polar-sealIf there is one thing that some people do not like about the winter season, it would be the way the mercury plunges to sub-zero temperatures. After all, being cold is no fun at all, especially when you take into consideration the chattering teeth and clanging knees. Well, Polar Seal is a brand new idea that brings the “smart” into clothing, providing instant heat at the touch of a mere button.

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Hoofoo is a hack-proof Bitcoin wallet

hoofooCryptocurrency is all the rage these days, considering the amount of security and anonymity attached to it. One who is interested to explore the world of Bitcoin can look forward to Hoofoo, which is actually touted to be the very first hack-proof Bitcoin wallet in the whole world when it comes to iOS and Android-powered smartphones. After all, with the sudden surge in price for Bitcoin, it is imperative that Bitcoins should be kept secure, and HooFoo is able to do its bit to help through such an awesome multi-crypto hardware wallet.

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CZUR reveals the ET16 Plus Smart Book Scanner

czur-et16A scanner is not something that many people have or own, but this does not mean that there is no market for it. CZUR knows that some folks find a scanner to be extremely useful, especially when it comes to digitizing something that has been printed for posterity. This has led to CZUR coming up with the ET16 Plus Smart Book Scanner, a device that is dedicated to delivering smart office solutions that are jam-packed with technology while boasting of the human touch. With the ET16 Plus, book scanning performance and efficiency will be improved, both for home as well as industry users.

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Logitech reveals trio of Circle 2 bundles this holiday season

Blog-Circle-BundleWhen it comes to the mad rush of the holiday season, there are always plenty of things to take into consideration, including getting the right kind of gifts for other folks. The thing is, we might end up in a frenzy knowing that we are running short on time and having absolutely zero ideas on the kind of gift to purchase. Well, fret not if you know of a particular person or family who would like to have a greater degree of security at home, as Logitech has conveniently stepped forward to offer a trio of new Circle 2 bundles which will bring together home security cameras, popular mounts and accessories.

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Razer offers gaming grade Wi-Fi for the home

portalWhen it comes to gaming performance, one particular name tends to stand out from the rest of the crowd: Razer. Razer has always sought to deliver nothing but the very best when it comes to products for gamers, knowing that this can be a very, very fussy and particular group of people who tend to blame their tools whenever a loss is on the cards. Why not minimize the possibilities of such excuses by obtaining the latest gaming grade router? Razer has worked with networking partner Ignition Design Labs, where the latter are the ones behind the award-winning Portal Wi-Fi router, to roll out a new Portal router that has been specially created just for gaming purposes. In other words, the two companies have collaborated in order to bring about an optimization of features as well as performances rolled into a single device.

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OtterBox Venture Coolers target holidaymakers with a sense of adventure

venturecoolerNormally when we think of the brand name OtterBox, most of the time we would have sweet memories of their seemingly indestructible smartphone cases that not only work great while providing a layer of protection for your spanking new handset, they also look good, too. This time around, OtterBox has something that will be very different for holidaymakers, being the coolest holiday must-have item for folks who love campsite cookouts, simply sitting down with other people while sharing stories over cold brews, with the OtterBox Venture cooler.

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66 Audio reveals PRO Voice wireless headphones that carries Alexa voice recognition

provoiceWhile the brand name 66 Audio might not be all that famous, the company is a noted pioneer when it comes to wireless consumer audio technology. Having revealed their all-new PRO Voice Bluetooth wireless headphones, this is a special pair of wireless headphones that will be different from the rest due to its unique capability of featuring integrated Amazon Alexa voice recognition. In other words, you get a breakthrough in how one communicates in the digital world, as PRO Voice will bring Alexa outside the home in order to deliver a fluid voice experience regardless of where the user is, as long as there is Internet connectivity.

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