iHome Classic Alarm Clock and Clock Radios deliver wireless charging capability

ihome-solutionsWhen it comes to the traditional alarm clock, not too any homes carry that any more these days. Rather, most of us rely on our smartphones to get the job done. In fact, we might even no longer have a single, proper alarm clock left at home. iHome has come up with its fair share of alarm clock radios in the past, where some models could even change the color accordingly. Well, this time around, there are two more models being made available for the masses — and that would be the all new iHome iBN350 Bluetooth alarm clock which can wirelessly charge Qi compatible devices as well as pair via Bluetooth in a jiffy using NFC. The other model would be the all-new iPLWBT5 clock radio, allowing you to juice up your iPhone and Apple Watch while you sleep, letting both devices tackle your day ahead when you awake.

The Foldable Under Desk Heater – create a relaxing atmosphere at work


Leaving home to head to the office is especially difficult when it’s cold outside. All of your blankets, heaters, candles, and sweaters are at home waiting for you while you have to freeze in a foreign place. Usually bringing in a jacket is the most we think to do, but if you have circulation issues, it would be good for your general comfort as well as your health to have a better method of regulating your body temperature.

iHome Zenergy sleep therapy speaker helps you doze off better

ihome-zbt10Getting enough rest is one thing — getting quality sleep is another. You might have the most expensive bed in the world, but it is of no use if that bed is unable to help you get some precious shuteye each night as you remain awake, thinking about a million different things in life. iHome knows this, and hopes to be able to help you doze off better while letting you experience a more restful sleep with its iZBT10 sleep therapy speaker that is part of the Zenergy range.

This Tactical Flashlight will help you change a tire or fight a bear


The world can be a scary place. While some things have known amounts of danger attached to them like riding a bike on a busy freeway or playing with matches near a gas station, sometimes you can’t predict what will happen around you. We can only do our best to be prepared to face the world for whatever is thrown in our faces, even if that means literally fighting for your life.

PowerBulb introduces USB ports into your ordinary lamp

powerbulbNot all light bulbs are created equal, that is for sure, and the PowerBulb is one particular instance of such a statement. Basically, the PowerBulb has started life off as a Kickstarter project, hoping to raise enough funds in order for it to become reality. There is wisdom behind the idea of the PowerBulb — in fact, it will help travelers solve plenty of their charging woes whenever they are on the road. For instance, if you have ever found yourself in a situation where you need to desperately charge up a couple of your devices via USB, but do not have enough power outlets in the vicinity, the PowerBulb is here to save the day.

ROLI introduces BLOCKS, the accessible and scalable music creation system

roli-blocksThere are many different ways in which one will be able to make music, as the level of creativity shown by us humans never cease to amaze. Well, ROLI has decided that the usual bag of instruments should be shelved with the introduction of BLOCKS, which comes across as a modular music studio which will be able to open up the world of music-making to just about everyone and anyone. Every single Block will deliver special capabilities which allow folks to create music in simple but far-reaching methods.

The Mixing Mate Paint Lid helps the artistic process


If you really enjoy painting on a large scale or run a business painting rooms, then you know the fun of keeping your paint properly moist and mixed. Some paint colors and finishes really don’t like to stay together, and if you don’t keep up with stirring you’ll have some discoloration you weren’t planning on. Rather than having to repaint an entire area, you could either invest in some paint stirring sticks, or a reusable method that you can wash and use until it breaks.

LG UltraFine 5K/4K Displays intend to deliver the ultimate Mac user experience

lg-ultrafine-monitorsThe MacBook Pro is one line of laptops from Apple that has a pretty long history, and it does not look as though Cupertino is about to phase them out right now. Well, apart from that, there is also the “lesser” MacBook models from Apple that cater for a decent mobile computing experience, but if your line of work requires you to look at a whole lot of information, having additional viewing real estate space would be beneficial — and this is where an external monitor comes in handy. LG knows this too, which is why the South Korean company has come up with a couple of new displays which have been specially designed to integrate seamlessly with the newest MacBook and MacBook Pro models. These new models are the LG UltraFineTM 27-inch 5K and LG UltraFine 21.5-inch 4K monitors, being perfect for creating an expanded work space in the home or office.

FEND is a Collapsible Bike Helmet that folds to a third of its size


If you ride a bike and care at all about your safety, you should be wearing a helmet. Otherwise you’re just asking for instant death as there’s really nothing to save you from a collision. Not protecting your elbows, knees and any other uncovered areas are up to your discretion, but bashing your head on the hard ground will not heal up as easily. It’s obnoxious to have to carry a bicycle helmet around all day, but your safety should come before looking cool, right?

Sgnl – answer your phone with your finger through your watch


The more we learn about our own bodies, the more interesting our technology becomes. We still don’t know everything there is to know about the brain and the nervous system, but there’s plenty that we do have a pretty firm grasp of understanding on. Bone conduction has been a rising market for some time now, with headsets, earpieces, and even advertisements being played through glass on trains.