Urbanears’ Lotsen speaker does things the Wi-Fi way

lotsenWhen it comes to audio products, the name Urbanears does elicit plenty of bouquets. After all, they have been around for quite a long time, offering quality products that audiophiles have come to love and appreciate. This time around, Urbanears have decided to expand its range of speakers with the small and capable Lotsen. The Lotsen is a very special speaker, so do not let its diminutive form factor fool you. This compact Wi-Fi speaker will boast of big capabilities, where it is easily able to fill small to mid-sized rooms with well-balanced sound and a pleasing bass kick. This makes the Lotsen conveniently sized for compact places such as side tables, shelves and countertops, blending in perfectly with whatever decor theme you have.

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D-Link makes it easier to keep an eye on the home with new Wi-Fi camera

D_Link_Mini_HD_Wi_Fi_CameraA home is supposed to be a place of sanctuary, where one feel safe and protected. However, there are many cases of homes being broken into these days, not to mention absent mindedness which might expose those living under the same roof exposed to danger, making a security camera more of an essential than a luxury. Why not get some additional help in the form of the D-Link Mini HD Wi-Fi Camera? With this 2-pack setup, you will be able to check out what is going on at home in crisp HD video, having an additional pair of eyes in the home; or perhaps even the office or other kinds of small business setup environments.

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Thuraya X5-Touch is first satellite smartphone in the world

Thuraya_X5_TouchWhen it comes to mobile devices, we have certainly come a long way in our love affair with gadgets that allow us to communicate in better and more efficient ways than before. The smartphone is one of them, now coming with dual cameras and being the all-round portable entertainment system for most folks. However, has there ever been an Android-powered satellite smartphone? Not quite until today, as Thuraya Telecommunications Company revealed the first device of its kind in the world in the form of the Thuraya X5-Touch. This bad boy will be powered by the Android operating system, although it has not been revealed just which particular version of Android it runs on.

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Acer Nitro 5 gaming laptop is almost perfect

acer-nitro5Acer has certainly come a long way from being a second tier PC company, and the kind of hardware that they push out these days are impressive to say the least. The gaming laptop is a fiercely competitive market segment, and there is quite a number of players out there in the market who makes it extremely interesting for hardcore gamers to pick a model of their choice to get their gaming kicks in while they are on the move. Acer’s Nitro 5 gaming series has recently been augmented with the inclusion of the latest 8th Generation Intel Core i7 and Intel Core i7+ processors, where it will deliver both improved speed and threading efficiency so that gamers will have less performance-related issues to worry about in the long run.

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VogDUO Power Go is a quick charging power bank

vogduo-powerbankSo you are running late for a very important meeting due to unforeseen domestic circumstances. You take a quick swig of coffee to jumpstart your day, grab your briefcase, make sure that your smartphone is in the pocket, snatch the car keys and make a dash for it. By the time you arrive at the office right on time, you realized that your smartphone is down on its last legs of battery power simply because all of the stress at home has caused you to forget to charge it last night. It so happens that your spare charger at the office is no longer working, so what do you do? Why, this kind of situation makes the power bank an essential. With so many models to choose from, which particular power bank would suit a road warrior like you? VogDUO thinks that they have just the deal in the form of the Power Go. The VogDUO Power GO is an all-new compact and fast-charging portable USB power bank that is capable of delivering up to 27 watts of power as you are on the move.

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GoPro has a brand new entry level HERO camera

gopro-heroAction cameras are something that many of us are able to identify with. It not only helps us to capture whatever we see and wherever we go, it is also able to provide a far better narrative than our words alone. After all, I am quite sure that an adrenaline pumping experience such as heading downhill on a mountain bike trail requires all of our concentration without having to spare some attention holding a smartphone in one hand trying to record the journey downwards. This is where action cameras come in handy, and no one does it better than GoPro. GoPro’s brand new entry level HERO camera has just been announced, where it will be the most affordable model to date with an asking price of $199 a pop.

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MSI reveals new range of high powered gaming laptops

MSI_NB_GT75_TitanGamers are a very discerning group, and the more serious they are, the more careful they become when it concerns their gaming hardware. After all, two players who are more or less similar when it comes to in-game skills, can see their performance affected for better or worse through the kind of hardware that they use. This is the reason why MSI has decided not to cut any corners with their latest range of gaming laptops that are powered by Intel’s 8th generation processors, with the new GS65 Stealth Thin gaming notebook spearheading the effort followed by the GT75VR Titan with i9 processor and GE Raider RGB Edition. Apart from that, there is also the new GT83 Titan and GT63 Titan, in addition to the 8th generation processor updates to its GP, GL and GV lines.

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Case-Mate Power Pad Fast Wireless Charger

casemate-powerpadCase-Mate has introduced a fair number of accessories for mobile devices in the past, and it has certainly not stopped doing so in the past few years. Their accessories are not only stylish but highly functional in nature, and this time around the company has decided to announce a brand new product category through the launch of the Power Pad. The Case-Mate Power Pad is a fast wireless charger that will arrive with a stand, allowing the user to prop up their device in viewing mode as it is charging for easy use.

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VogDUO Charger Go Ultra Slim USB-C Car Charger

VogDUO_Charger_Go_USB_CThe modern day person does have his or her fair share of gadgets to bring about no matter where they go. The smartphone is considered to be a staple item for many, while others might carry around a tablet to be more productive while one is on-the-move, in addition to perhaps a gaming console like Nintendo’s Switch that lets you play right in front of a TV screen and remove it if you would like to continue your gaming session when you’re out somewhere else. The cigarette lighter port in vehicles have never proved to be more useful for this generation than ever before, as it has been used to host a USB car charger that will provide a lifeline for dying batteries in mobile devices, and this is where the VogDUO Charger Go Ultra Slim USB-C Car Charger comes in.

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Razer introduces Chroma capability into latest Goliathus gaming mouse mat

Razer-Goliathus-ChromaRazer’s foray into the world of gaming peripherals is extremely well known, and the company has long since moved on from simply supplying high quality gaming mice, having extended into gaming headphones, the mouse mat, smartphones, and even a gaming notebook. While many people do overlook the humble mouse mat, it could prove to be a crucial element in your gaming sessions as it provides a stable and consistent feel no matter where you game. If you do not use a gaming mouse mat, different tables have varying surfaces, which could throw your gaming session off balance for some. Razer’s latest Goliathus Chroma is a multi-color LED version of Razer’s bestselling and affordable soft mouse mat, allowing gamers to customize it with up to 16.8 million color options as well as a dazzling array of lighting effects.

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