Casio reveals brand new Edifice watch

Casio_EdificeWhen it comes to timepieces, Casio has a pretty strong foothold in the market, offering a slew of different models that will cater to various individuals. Casio’s Edifice range has just received its latest entrant, the ECB800DB-1A, to further augment the collection of men’s watches. This particular model has its designed inspired by the various elements found in motorsports including speed, intelligence, and innovation, arriving in a bold design that will look smart when worn on any wrist, in addition to boasting of enhanced timekeeping capabilities courtesy of smartphone connectivity.

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SoundFlux wireless stereo headphones break new ground

soundfluxKNZ Technology, an audio tech company that is based in Atlanta, has recently introduced their latest addition: the SoundFlux wireless stereo headphones. Touted to be the first pair of dual-dynamic driver true wireless stereo headphones in the world, this Indiegogo project has managed to surpass its original goal many times over in a matter of just three weeks, which goes to show the kind of demand such a product has in the audiophile market.

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Honeywell offers Smart Home Security system

Honeywell_Smart_Home_SecurityEveryone would love to have a secure home, knowing that being away does not automatically translate to your home being a target of burglars. Hence, there are many different kinds of home security systems in the market, but just which particular model should you pick? Honeywell has introduced its latest Smart Home Security offering that is a self-installed, all-in-one security product which is extremely simple to set up. It basically enables one to be aware of what is happening in and around a consumer’s home.

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ClearDryve 200 2-in-1 headphones

ClearDryveWhen it comes to owning a pair of headphones, there are many different kinds of factors to take into consideration. After all, one’s budget would automatically carry a limit to the kind of models that one can choose from, but here is something from Rand McNally that might just help you make that decision without any further doubt: the ClearDryve 200. The ClearDryve 200 is a breakthrough premium stereo headphone and noise-cancelling mono headset, all rolled into one. Not only that, it is also wireless to boot, ensuring that you are free to live an untethered lifestyle no matter where you go.

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Razer Panthera Evo arcade stick offers a precise gaming experience

razer-panthera-evoWhen it comes to gaming peripherals, there are very few names out there that stand out like Razer. Razer has been in the business for so many years, churning out one hit after another, so much so that their gaming hardware have proven to excel time and again. If you do not want to make any excuses that pinpoint the blame solely on your hardware upon conceding victory to your opponent while gaming, then pick a piece of Razer gaming hardware. For those who love the feel of an arcade stick when playing a beat ‘em up or shoot ‘em up as opposed to relying on a gamepad, the next evolution in arcade sticks is here: the Razer Panthera Evo arcade stick.

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Meizu 16th flagship smartphone announced

meizu-16thMeizu of China has certainly matured over the years, and their latest offering arrives in the form of the Meizu 16th smartphone. This will be their all-new flagship device, bringing a whole slew of features while making sure that it does not come with an insane price tag that other high street brands tend to do. What makes the Meizu 16th special from its predecessor? Well, it has face recognition technology, under screen fingerprints, and gesture operation among others, which we will look at right after the jump.

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X1 Watch offers versatility in a smartwatch at an affordable price

x1-watchOwning a watch does not seem to be enough these days, as a smartwatch happens to be the preferred alternative for road warriors as well as those who are on the move and would like to remain connected at all times, all without having to refer to their smartphone frequently. The X1 Watch fits the bill perfectly then, as it runs on Android 5.0 while functioning as a full featured smartphone. Definitely taking the route that is less traveled, the X1 Watch might not have the latest Android operating system running on it — in fact, it is several generations behind, but then again, a normal smartwatch lacks the kind of hardware capability to do so.

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BW Space underwater drone breaks new ground

bw-spaceThe drone fever might have more or less settled down to a certain degree, but for many of us, we would think of drones being propeller-powered pieces of hardware that take to the skies while capturing amazing looking scenes from above. Have you ever considered a change in perspective, where the drone will be capturing video and scenes from underwater? This is what YouCan Robotics has done with its latest release, the BW Space. The BW Space is the first underwater photography robot in the world that is able to recognize images as well as follow its target intelligently, delivering precise photo and video capture.

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izzbie ONE private VPN is so simple to use

izzbie-oneMany of us rely on at least one VPN these days when it comes to surfing the Internet simply because we would like to ensure that there is a degree of security in our online dealings. Well, if you would like to tote around a private VPN, here is the izzbie ONE device, where it allows you to carry a private VPN (virtual private network) around while making it easy to access your home and office networks. All that you need to do is to plug in the izzbie ONE at home, where you can then access your personal network via your mobile device or computer through the izzbie ONE app, regardless of your geographical location.

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Coolingstyle personal air conditioner unit

coolingstyleIt can get rather hot in the summer, and for those who happen to live in an area where one experiences a tropical weather all year around, there is a need to find cooling relief often. This is one of the reasons why malls are hugely popular in sweltering South East Asia, where those huge buildings see plenty of footfall simply because the local population would like to escape from the rising temperatures by seeking solace within, never mind that the only kind of shopping that gets done would be of the window variety. Having a personal air conditioner unit is practically unheard of, but this is no reason not to work on such an idea. The Coolingstyle personal indoor/outdoor air conditioner has been touted to be the ultimate portable, where this multi-functional companion is useful when it comes to camping, travelling, at home, as well as office use.

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