Ricoh GR III breaks new ground for compact digital cameras

When was the last time that you actually took a serious, long look at a compact digital camera? Pretty long ago, isn’t it? After all, many of us are more than happy with the quality of images snapped on our respective smartphones, but Ricoh has something that might just prove to be worth checking out: the Ricoh GR III camera. Touted to be the latest model in the GR series from Ricoh, it is capable of delivering exceptional image quality in a compact, lightweight body, making it ideal for the likes of street photography, travel and ensuring that candid images are immortalized forever.

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Royole FlexPai is a truly unique device

The phablet did become rather popular for a while as this particular niche device straddled the middle line between a smartphone and a tablet. However, Royole has something totally different in mind with the introduction of the Royole FlexPai, where it boasts of the second generation Cicada Wing fully flexible display while running on the customized Water OS. It can be a smartphone when you want it to, and be easily transformed by folding it open as a tablet. The choice lies in your hands.

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Vuzix M400 enterprise smart glasses

Smart glasses were all the rage a few years back, especially when folks thought that Google Glass was going to kick off a whole new revolution in the consumer electronics market. Unfortunately, things did not pan out that way, and the utopian dream of everyone wearing a pair of smart glasses continue to remain just that: a dream. However, the situation is rather different when it concerns the enterprise market, as Vuzix has entered new territory with the Vuzix M400 enterprise smart glasses.

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Katim R01 ultra-secure smartphone

Ever wondered just who is listening in to your conversations or simply checking out the kind of messages that you have been sending back and forth on your smartphone? A secure device might seem to be something that is within the realm of science fiction, but DarkMatter Group thinks otherwise, recently rolling out its next generation of mobile devices that will provide additional peace of mind whenever you communicate digitally with another person over a smartphone. Enter the Katim R01, touted to be the first ultra-secure smartphone in the world that has been specially designed to withstand extreme field conditions. Tough and secure? Sounds like a dream to us.

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Ricoh Theta Z1 360-degree camera

Do you love setting up action shots or capturing photos that are totally unique in its inspiration and angle? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you would most probably find the Theta Z1 360-degree camera to be well worth the effort. Ricoh has just announced the Theta Z1 360-degree camera, making it king of the hill in this department. This latest model will be able to support approximately 23-megapixels resolution (6720 x 3360 pixels) 360-degree still image photo shooting, letting you capture great looking spherical images in a single shot. Surely all of your social media accounts will be able to benefit from such a device in terms of wowing your followers.

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Nubia Alpha pushes the boundaries with flexible wearable device

Nubia has come up with some decent smartphones in the past (although those never really managed to shake the world quite like other more notable brands), and most recently they have shaken things up with the introduction of the Nubia Alpha. The Nubia Alpha is much more than a concept: in fact, it is going to go on sale sometime before the curtains fall on 2019. What makes the Nubia Alpha so special? The striking massive, flexible display is what makes it so impressive at first glance, wrapping close to half of its segmented band, while offering all of the essential functions of a smartphone to the user right at their fingertips.

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Trifo reveals Ironpie smart robot vacuum

It is an inescapable fact of life where we all need to maintain the cleanliness of our homes and workspaces, otherwise time and dust will find a way to make a mess of things if left all by themselves. With many of us already having a challenging time at work, returning home would mean decompressing, and the thought of additional housework can prove to be overwhelming. Why not let the wonders of home automation help you out with the Ironpie smart robot vacuum from Trifo?

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1MORE stylish true wireless in-ear headphones

Music always makes life a whole lot more bearable, and it can prove to be the catalyst during moments when our lives are challenging and difficult. However, with so many different ways and avenues for us to enjoy our music, going wireless happens to be one of the main methods where one’s music consumption does not get hindered in any way at all. 1MORE has come up with their stylish true wireless in-ear headphones which will surely turn heads while delivering excellent audio quality.

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LIFEACTÍV Power Pack 20 power bank

With so many different mobile devices a single person owns and carries around each day, it makes perfect sense to be armed with an adequate power bank. After all, you can never quite tell just when you need to juice up your smartphone or smartwatch in order to remain on top of things. Mobile charging for power-hungry devices becomes easier with the LIFEACTÍV Power Pack 20 from LifeProof. This is a travel-friendly battery pack which is versatile enough to be carried with you wherever you go, being built to keep smartphones, tablets, laptop and even handheld gaming systems charged.

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SMOS Android smartphone gaming controller

Do you do a whole lot of work on your Android-powered smartphone, or is it more of your primary mobile gaming device? If you happen to get most of your gaming kicks via your Android handset, then perhaps it is time you check out the SMOS. The SMOS is deemed to be the most advanced gaming controller for Android phones and will hopefully change the way you game on your mobile device. While bezels on smartphones have become thinner and thinner with each new model, a touchscreen is still not the best way to enjoy a game since on-screen controls block your view from the action that happens. With the SMOS, all of that is going to change.

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