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Pagalli’s Moderno Wallet Review: RFID-blocking never looked better

Pagalli’s Moderno RFID-blocking Wallet

A wallet is far more than just a compartment for us to hold our cash, ID, and perhaps a few other credit cards. One can say that it is an extension of ourselves and our personality. After all, don’t we have a treasured photo in a particular compartment, and some of us like to make sure that our credit cards are arranged in a set manner? Losing a wallet could prove to be a very traumatic experience. Apart from the immediate monetary loss incurred, there is also the hassle of filing a police report, applying for your ID cards, canceling your credit cards and waiting for new ones in the mean time. Of course, identity theft is also a very real threat these days, and an ordinary wallet is prone to such attacks. Which is why Pagalli has introduced its Moderno RFID-blocking wallet that is not only stylish, but functional as well.

Being 100 percent certified to protect against data theft on all known frequencies, you will find that the Pagalli Moderno merges traditional values of masterful craftsmanship, style and functionality alongside the most innovative technology of today.

With RF (radio-frequency) enabled chips that are embedded in numerous credit cards these days, carrying vital encoded personal information like one’s name, address, Social Security number, phone number, bank account details and others, such convenience comes at a price if you are pick pocketed electronically — in an act that is known as skimming. RFID blocking technology might not be the latest concept in town, but Pagalli ensures that its Moderno wallet has been certified by an independent body to block 100% of all known RFID/NFC frequencies. In other words, you can bring your money and cards along with you without fear or worry, at home or abroad, placing to bed thoughts of RFID/NFC threats.

During the whole month that I spent using the Pagalli Moderno wallet, I always beamed with pride each time I got it out from my pocket or man-bag to pay for my purchases. It is truly an exceptionally different wallet in terms of design, as you cannot argue with exquisite Italian taste. The Moderno arrives in a timeless bi-fold form factor without the bulk.

What does the Pagalli Moderno offer? We are looking at a quartet of shielded RFID safe multiple cards compartments, and just in case you have a particular prepaid card, you can stash it in the solitary non-shielded “tap and pay” slot.

Forget the money clip as well which is too gangsta — use the cash compartment instead to get the job done, while a hidden pocket is perfect for you to stash some loose change. Alternatively, if you tote numerous SD or SIM cards around, then this compartment would also be perfect since it keeps whatever that is inside secure. The Moderno measures 3.54” x 4.33” x 0.27” and tips the scales at 1.47 oz.

If there is a gripe about the Pagalli Moderno wallet, it would be this — the larger footprint. Thickness is not an issue here since it is not thicker than a standard issue bi-fold wallet, but it does require larger pockets to fit comfortably. It is in my experience that the Moderno is best used with a pair of cargo pants where there is ample space to stash it. I would not recommend you placing the Moderno in the back of your jeans pocket, since the leather would be subjected to intense pressure and will spoil in double quick time.

Other than that, you cannot beat the Pagalli Moderno when it comes to peace of mind and confidence. Now money is not the problem, but not having enough Benjamins in the Moderno is the problem. It comes across as highly recommended for the techie enthusiast who loves hanging out at hipster coffee shops. Or, you can surprise dad with a truly unique wallet offering for next year’s Father’s Day.