Pac-Man Stapler proves that he’s got quite the bite!

pac-man-staplerMost of us are familiar with Pac-Man – you know, the yellow colored living pie chart whose diet consists of pellets, some fruit, and the occasional ghost, and he is never a silent mover with all that wakka-wakka sounds, which means he would have failed in any mission that requires stealth as the primary factor. Well, considering Pac-Man makes a living (and literally fights for his life) with his mouth, it would not come across as a surprise to us that he carries one mean bite. Which perfectly explains the existence of the $9.99 Pac-Man Stapler.

The Pac-Man Stapler looks like Pac-Man, but functions like a stapler, and that means the only conclusion that one is able to draw from it would be the fact that this IS a stapler. A mini one, that is, as his bites are perfect to keep loose sheets of a particular document together, or you can choose to have some fun with this by creating stapled metal patterns on a sheet of paper during one of those more boring meetings. All you need to do is squeeze his head, and watch him “bite” that particular sheet of papers together. The stapler is removable, which means it can be refilled, making this far more useful than a one time use device only.