Pac-Man Heat Changing Mug

Everyone loves Pac-Man – how can you not love a yellow pie that goes around chomping on pellets and pills while listening to repetitive music? Well, modern kids these days love shacking up in dark rooms and doing likewise, but when they enter the workforce, it is time to put their crazy college days behind them and be a whole lot more responsible. Well, they can still have a link to their past with the Pac-Man Heat Changing Mug, and as its name suggests, you will be able to see the legendary Pac-Man maze plastered on one side of the mug. Fill it up with a piping hot beverage of your choice, and you will see Pac-Man make an appearance as though he was a ghost himself – now how about that? Not only that, his supernatural pursuers will also appear, leaving your imagination to determine who the victor is. This is an officially licensed product, where the Pac-Man Heat Changing Mug will retail for £5.99.