Pac-Man Ghost Light offers an alternative lighting solution

pac-man-ghost-lightRoll back the years to when you were a small kid, and you had heard the clarion call of the dingy looking arcade, where row after row of arcade cabinets and their respective contents commanded your attention – and of course, you had to constantly make offerings of quarters, with the more highly skilled devotee of a particular cabinet paying far less homage to the spirit of the 1980s, simply because he or she had already mastered the art of completing the entire game with a single quarter. Having said that, if your love for all things Pac-Man continues to hold out until today, here is the £19.99 Pac-Man Ghost Light that will definitely pique your interest.

This is no ordinary night light, and it sure looks better than other attempts in the past, as it has been described to be a retro color-changing mood lamp which will be able to phase through 16 different colors. If you would like to spice things up a bit, there is a part mode which will let the light within flash and change color according to the beat. Surely this is a whole lot more exciting as opposed to the ubiquitous Ikea desk lamp. If you would like to have the quintessential Pac-Man experience, then why not gobble down pills and cherries in the dark while you are at it? It will be powered through the included USB cable, and with this being officially licensed by Namco, there is no worry about it not being legit in any sense.

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