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Pac Man Alarm Clock

Finding it hard to get up in the mornings? Perhaps, just perhaps, with the right kind of incentive, you will be able to open up those heavy eyelids of yours the moment your alarm clock rings. Of course, we aren’t talking about the type that lets out an almighty din the moment the right time arrives, and neither do we mean one of those “gently wake you up” types which sound rather pansy. No sir, we’re talking about a £14.99 Pac Man Alarm Clock which comes in the pie chart-shaped video game icon in full 3D glory. Powered by a couple of AAA batteries, this eye-catching alarm clock will come with the all-important Snooze, Alarm Off and Backlight buttons which are represented by cherries, a bell and naughty ol’ Pinky. The authentic sounds of Pac Man is what that will help rouse you from your slumber, making it a perfect fit for video gamers.