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Owlet Band helps pregnant mothers monitor their babies

For couples who have longed for a baby, news of being pregnant is one of the best kind of news in the whole world. There will be whoops of joy, followed by excitement and perhaps even planning being done way ahead of time. Obviously constant trips to the doctor will be part of the journey of parenthood, but why not make use of available technology in order to ensure that baby is all right in the womb? Enter the all new Owlet Band, a piece of technology that will offer notifications should the fetal heartbeat and movement be out of the ordinary.

 This highly innovative Owlet Band will boast of features such as fetal heart rate tracking, fetal heartbeat recording, wellness notifications, automated kick counting, contraction tracking, and maternal sleep position indicators. A consumer version of it is all set to be released later this year, although there is no time set yet. Made with DuPont Intexar ultra-thin fabric sensors, the Owlet Band is extremely comfortable, feeling as though it is like clothing, albeit accompanied by data gathering sensors to get the job done.

This smart clothing technology will integrate itself seamlessly into fabric, where materials are transformed into smart, wearable health care which can sense and transmit biometric signals. Fret not about looking out of place, as the Intexar sensors happen to be extremely thin and have been bonded to a stretchable knit fabric band so that it delivers a form-fitting and comfortable feel.

Making use of novel, state-of-the-art algorithms, the Owlet Band is capable of extracting fetal heartbeat and movement via bioelectrical signals. Using such data, the mother will be able to gain important insights into the wellness of her developing infant. Of course, this is possible only during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy, enabling the mother-to-be to see and potentially share the gathered results with friends and family.

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