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Owl adds new features to car camera system

owl dashcam

While self-driving cars have taken a knock in terms of readiness of being rolled out due to the recent events where these vehicles were involved in fatal accidents, what about regular folks like you and me who do not have the luxury of sitting inside one of these automated vehicles? We still need to be alert at all times, controlling the vehicle using our experience, reflexes and senses, in order to ensure the safety of everyone inside. Having a car cam installed does help somewhat, especially in minor fender benders where an eyewitness account is extremely important when settling insurance matters. The Owl Car Cam is such, delivering instant video for cars while helping folks deal with crashes, dents, traffic stops and break-ins.

With the Owl Car Cam, drivers will be able to enjoy peace of mind all day (and night) long, where this 24/7 video security system will also include Instant Video of your vehicle, whether you are driving or parked, receive Video Alerts in the event where it picks up a break-in, dings, or dents, Dual HD cameras for greater clarity and resolution, and being able to enjoy a Live View of your car regardless of where you are, all through the wonders of LTE connectivity.

Unlike many other car cams in the market, the Owl Car Cam is different as it is the beneficiary of regular software updates over LTE. In fact, the latest batch of updates will offer a host of new features such as a fortnight of HD driving video anytime, anywhere over Wi-Fi or LTE without the need to be close to your ride, in a wire-free manner, and neither do you need to have an SD memory card reader on hand. Broken glass detection has also been added to alerts, while you can also enjoy in-app rapid sharing of video clips to social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Expect the Owl Car Cam to retail as a bundle for $349 that will comprise of 1 year of LTE Instant Video service.