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Ovie’s Smarterware is this generation’s Tupperware

smarterwareMost of us have grown up having heard of Tupperware parties, or even followed our moms to such events when we were younger. Tupperware products are great; as they are made out of high quality plastic while boasting of airtight capability that will keep your food stashed inside nice and fresh most of the time. However, perhaps in the age of smart homes, it is time to move over from the old school Tupperware and other similar food storage containers and take a closer look at something smarter. Ovie has come up with the aptly named Smarterware system, where it is capable of transforming a regular fridge into a smart fridge, although without having to cost a bomb in the process.

 It is not as though we purposely set out to waste food, but many times food is wasted simply because through the busyness of life, we forget all about the stuff in the fridge. The Smarterware product range hopes to prevent that from happening any more, where it comprises of Smart Tags, 6-cup containers, clips, and universal connectors which can attach to any container or bottle in a fridge. These Smart Tags will fit securely into the Smarterware container, clip, and universal connector. Every individual tag will boast of a light ring that will provide instant at-a-glance visual cues, revealing the freshness of each tagged item that is inside the fridge.

Following visual cues that we have all become familiar with, the light will begin with green, meaning it’s safe to eat, and when it turns yellow it is an indicator that you should eat it soon, before turning to red that means binning it, unless you would like to run the risk of making a trip to the doctor’s afterwards due to a churning stomach from eating expired stuff.

Your smartphone will also receive a reminder when items are about to go bad, now how about that for some digital nagging? Expect the Smarterware to ship some time in early 2019, with retail sets targeting a $59.99 price tag.

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