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Overwatch Razer gaming mouse, mat, keyboard and headset are ready to rock and roll

razer-overwatchWhen it comes to high end gaming peripherals, you can be sure that one particular name would be able to stand out like a star – and that is none other than Razer. After all, the folks over at Razer have definitely done their bit over the years to enhance their legendary name in this niche market, and it does not look as though Razer is about to stop anytime soon. No sir, in fact, we now have received word that the availability of PC peripherals for Overwatch, the highly anticipated team-based shooter by Blizzard Entertainment, is now available for purchase by the adoring masses, and it has the Razer ManO’War Tournament Edition (TE) analog wired gaming headset to lead the crowd, followed by a BlackWidow Chroma keyboard, DeathAdder Chroma mouse and Goliathus Extended mouse mat.

In other words, if you know that you are going to be a big time in Overwatch, then you might want to make sure that you are dressed for the occasion as well. After all, there is nothing quite like the boost in confidence as well as ego, knowing that your hardware choice would be looked upon by others with a green eye. Apart from enjoying an array of dynamic Razer Chroma lighting effects with the Overwatch-themed mouse and keyboard from Razer, you know that these Overwatch themed peripherals will do their bit in enhancing your aura as a gamer to your opponents.

The Overwatch Razer ManO’War TE gaming headset has been specially designed for performance and comfort over hours of play, where it boasts of a fully retractable MEMS mic with inline volume and mute controls, ensuring that verbal communication remains easy to adjust and crystal clear even in the heat of battle. There is a fully retractable microphone boom that pulls out from the left ear cup as needed and its flexible design allows it to be adjusted to a player’s needs on the fly. You can expect the same kind of specifications with the other Overwatch series products, too. Any takers?

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