Overboard Waterproof Messenger Bag

Not everyone can shelter their laptop from all kinds of hazardous conditions.  Sometimes it’s absolutely necessary to have it in places that might not be the best for it.  Well at times like that the best you can do is try to find equipment to put it in that might be better to keep it safe.  After all a dead laptop means you have to spend more cash to replace it, plus if you didn’t back up your files you just lost a bunch of material.  Well this messenger bag is meant to help you keep your laptop safe and whatever else you might put inside of it.

It is 100% waterproof, and that doesn’t mean douse the bag with water and it’s safe, but your laptop is not.  It protects the inside by using a roll top closure.  The inside walls are heavily padded and the logo is made of reflective material.  It can protect the contents from dust, sand, dirt and water.  It is only suitable for quick submersion, so you can’t sink it to the bottom of the ocean for a few days and expect it to come out of the water fine.  It will fit up to a 17inch laptop and will cost you £39.99 or about $68.

Source: ChipChick

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