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OVAL home smart sensor system

oval-smart-sensorDon’t you wish that your home could be a wee bit smarter? As in, being able to transform itself into a somewhat sentient place for added peace of mind? For those who are still wistfully thinking for that to happen, fret not any longer. The OVAL is an all-in-one home smart sensor system that is able to pick up changes in motion, temperature, humidity, light and water, and upon doing so, it will send out alerts quickly to your smartphone or email. With the OVAL sensors, any ordinary object or area can be transformed into a smart one, providing you with extra help when it comes to protecting the people, places and things you care about.

 Pre-orders for the OVAL home smart sensor system are being received at the moment exclusively via Kickstarter, where shipping is set to commence later this coming fall. Knowing that no two homes are alike, even more so the people who live under those roofs, the OVAL home smart sensor system was developed with such factors in mind. It is able to hook up to a myriad of smart home products. For instance, if you want to make sure that baby is comfortable, just ask Google what the temperature is at the moment. Worried about leaks or burst pipes in the basement? Easy, simply be notified by Alexa in the event where something untoward happens there. Sporting IFTTT support, OVAL is able to connect to many other devices that provide home automation, resulting in a smart home that lives up to its reputation.

Homeowners and renters alike can take advantage of OVAL, since there is no need for any form of home integration or installation with the setting up process taking just mere minutes. The new wireless OVAL gateway provides the freedom to have it placed virtually anywhere, while its sensors can communicate with the gateway up to 150 feet away. Any attempts to extend coverage can be done by the placement of additional gateways.

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