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The OUTlet makes sure your gadgets don’t go without power


How many gadgets or appliances in your home require the use of an outlet? Chances are, it’s more than the amount of outlets on all the walls in your home. Since that is usually the case and people are always looking for more places to plug in, you can go into just about any home and find at least one or two power strips somewhere since everyone is trying to plug in as many things as possible without the potential repercussions of unplugging something else. Go ahead and try to unplug the coffee machine or someone’s phone charger and see how long you live.

If you find yourself always needing more outlets, then maybe this OUTlet can help you. This is a hidden system that will give you two more outlets in the wall at the press of a button. It fits in your standard electrical box for your outlets, and the screws are color coded to make installation as easy as possible. The basic is 15 amps, though 20 amp versions for garages and outside the home are in the works, but that will be available at a later date.

This is certainly going to cut down on the visual clutter, but a good ole power strip is still going to work just as well. Getting one of these fancy low-profile OUTlets is going to cost you $30, or $37 if you want extra USB ports as well. It’s quite pricey, but would be great in homes that you don’t plan on moving out of.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter