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When it comes to outdoor gear you want something that you can rely on in tough situations. Don’t settle for a mediocre headlamp that will break during a light rain storm or a tent that won’t protect you from the elements. Instead read our outdoor gear reviews and follow our guides to pick the best equipment, from multi-tools to walkie talkies.

Best Cycling Backpack [2020]

The best cycling backpack for most riders is the ArcEnCiel 25L. It offers 25 liters of volume and a 2,5 liter hydration bladder, while still looking extremely stylish. The tactical MOLLE webbing allows you to add a wide range of accessory packs and items.

Best Rechargeable Flashlight [2020]

Our top pick for the best rechargeable flashlight is the Anker Bolder LC90. It offers 900 lumens and a 3,350 mAh USB rechargeable battery that will last for a solid 6 hours with a full charge. Its 1000 foot maximum range should be more than enough for most people.

Best Hydration Pack [2020]

The best hydration pack for most people is the IBTXO 12L Hydration Vest. It comes with an insulated 2-liter hydration bladder and 12-liters of storage capacity. It’s designed for running but also works for most other use cases.

Best Tactical Pen [2019]

Our favorite tactical pen is the Impromptu Tactical Pen. It’s made in the USA, comes with a Cerakote coating and works with space pen refills. It looks sleek while still offering all the features you might want in a tactical pen.

Best Solar Powered Wristwatch [2019]

The best solar powered wrist watch is the Casio Pro Trek. It looks elegant while still being very durable, offering water resistance down to 100 meters. It comes with a digital compass, a barometer, an altimeter, and and a thermometer.

Best Hiking GPS [2019]

The best handheld GPS for hiking is the Garmin GPSMAP 64st. Great hardware as well as plenty of storage and the included 1-year BirdsEye Satellite Imagery subscription are hard to beat for this price.

Best Filtered Water Bottle [2019]

The best filtered water bottle for the outdoors is the LifeStraw Go. It’s durable, filters up to 1000 liters of water and is very easy to use. It’s an amazing gadget to have on any backpacking or hiking trip.

Best Solar Charger [2019]

Our favorite solar charger is the RAVPower 24-Watt Solar. It can power up to three devices at once and it’s extremely portable thanks to its folding capabilities. It’s perfect for backpacking and camping.

Best Multi-Tool [2021]

The overall best multi-tool for the average user is the Leatherman Surge Multi-Tool. It’s reasonably priced and comes with 21 tools that will help you with almost any task or profession you might need a multi-tool for.

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