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Outdoor Obelisk Torches light up your home with an ancient look

outdoor-obeliskSo, you happen to be on a roll when it comes to brightening up your home with new additions to the mix, and by that, I do mean home improvements in terms of new accessories and items to freshen up the look of the place. If you are wondering just what kind of lights that you would like to have in your backyard or front lawn, fret not – the $139.95 Outdoor Obelisk Torches are here to add an ancient touch to your home. Better still if your home comes in a pyramid shape, right?

The Outdoor Obelisk Torches are actually a set of two all-weather torches which provide ambient illumination and at the same time, include an architectural element to patios and backyards. They are made from luminous zinc and finished with a durable, all-weather glaze that is capable of resisting the elements, as these elegant torches continue a long sculptural tradition that begun in ancient Egypt. Taking up less than 1 sq. ft. of space, these outdoor torches will stand 3.5′ tall, while their 10-oz. oil reservoirs can be filled with torch fuel for a pleasing, flickering flame or with citronella for optimal insect resistance.