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Outdoor Obelisk Torches brings you back in time

outdoor-obelisk-torchLighting up your yard can be done in two ways – the traditional and boring method of using a standard issue lamp or lighting solution, while the other more adventurous option would be to have it align with a certain theme. Well, if you feel that you have an attachment or pull to the ancient times when Egypt was a world power, and obelisks were part of the empire, then the $139.95 Outdoor Obelisk Torches would definitely be something that is worth checking out.

First of all, the Outdoor Obelisk Torches happen to be a set of two all-weather torches which will be able to provide ambient illumination as it adds an architectural element to patios and backyards. They are made from luminous zinc and finished with a durable, all-weather glaze that resists the elements, allowing these elegant torches to continue a long sculptural tradition that started off in ancient Egypt, as similar obelisks were first fashioned to flank temple entrances. It takes up less than 1 sq. ft. of space, as these outdoor torches stand 3 1/2′ tall, carrying 10-oz. oil reservoirs which can be filled with torch fuel for a pleasing, flickering flame or with citronella for optimal insect resistance. Not only that, they sport extra-long cotton wicks as well as tethered snuffers which will be able to safely extinguish flames. Such bases are able to be filled with sand or stones to secure the torches on a flat surface.