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Outdoor Gnome Bowling

And I thought that the best kind of bowling were the ones confined to an air-conditioned place with rows of lanes in a comfortable setting, and not in your garden. With the Outdoor Gnome Bowling, you can take out your frustration at home on half a dozen of these gnomes if the missus has slapped a restraining order on you from heading down to the alley to spend time with your buddies.

Possibly the best garden game invented since ‘leap through the lawn sprinkler’, Outdoor Gnome Bowling is about as much fun as you can have short of finding some real gnomes to bowl over. The set comes with six ten inch, nervous looking fellas and two lightweight (so they won’t crush small children) bowling balls. Simply rack ’em up and strike fear into the hearts of gnomes everywhere. If you die laughing it’s not our fault.

The entire set will retail for £29.99 which is pretty pricey for some slapstick fun if you ask me. I’d rather save that money towards a Wii and play Wii Bowling instead.