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The Outdoor Beverage Table – chill out dude

The Outdoor Beverage Table

March has brought us a vague idea of the warm weather to come. It’s a tease in comparison to the real thing as snow keeps cropping up here and there, but we’re rearing and ready for the sun to shine and the temperature to rise. Of course, this means we have to start prepping for the summer barbeques and beach side events we want to attend.

While we can’t exactly don our swimsuits just yet, we can plan for what new summer toys we want. If you’re a big fan of having friends over for backyard soirees, then having an Outdoor Beverage Table would be quite useful. This is a very sleek looking table with a bowl built in so you can put ice, stones, or whatever else you think might be helpful or aesthetically pleasing. This is made out of a concrete and resin mixture that measures 43” in diameter.

This is not a necessarily large table, as it is likely the same height if not smaller than a coffee table. This can come to you in white (which looks like something the Apple store would have cooked up), or black. It can weigh anywhere from 54-198 pounds in the box (the color you choose will determine the weight, though I’m sensing a typo somewhere), but will weigh more if you’re putting a bucket of ice and bottles into it. The price difference is pretty staggering, as the white will cost you $1,850, while the black will cost you $1,450. While this may be neat for parties, it might be better to spend money on the beverages and snacks for your guests instead.

Available for purchase on horchow, found via thegreenhead

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