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OTTO Revo NC1 noise canceling speaker microphone

revo-nc1There are many different situations in which one would make use of a microphone, and when it comes to mobile devices such as notebooks or a Skype-enabled smartphone, the microphone surely comes in handy to let you carry out a conversation with the other party in private, without letting anyone else hear on the speakerphone or over the speaker as to what’s going on. Since there are many different kinds of speakers in which one will be able to choose from, why not take the chance and pick up a special microphone? OTTO might have the perfect device in store for you, in the form of the OTTO Revo NC1 noise canceling speaker microphone.

OTTO happens to be an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of two-way radio accessories, and they are more than pleased to announce the release of the new Revo NC1 speaker microphone. The Revo NC1 will be able to deliver OTTO’s revolutionary, patent-pending noise canceling technology, all of it arriving in a compact, palm-sized speaker microphone.

With the OTTO Revo NC1, you might think that it is far lesser than the larger sized Revo NC2, but truth be told is, many of the benefits that can be found on the higher end Revo NC2 too, will be made available on the OTTO Revo NC1, albeit that it will arrive in a smaller and more discreet form factor – which is definitely a plus point in anyone’s books who would like to travel as lightly as possible wherever they go.

The OTTO Revo NC1 noise canceling speaker microphone comes with a generously sized, ergonomic push-to-talk is easy to find and activate. It will also be accompanied by a 3.5mm earphone jack and a clothing clip with 360 degree rotation with positive detent stops every 45 degrees. The OTTO Revo NC1 will remain protected against dust and blowing rain thanks to its conformity to the MIL-STD-810 standards, making it more than ideal for daily use in noisy environments such as restaurants, casinos, retail, and hospitality.

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