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OTTO reveals brand new headset for the masses

hurricane-iiiOTTO is an industry leader when it comes to two-way radio accessories, and alongside SureFire, a leader where hearing-protection technology is concerned, have worked together to roll out the spanking new Hurricane III headset that will feature SureFire’s Patented EarLock Retention Rings and Noise-Reducing Filters. There is a switch on each earpiece that would allow the user to control the amount of ambient sound which passes into the ear.

When in the open position, the Noise-Reducing Filters would enable ambient sounds and conversations to be heard clearly. Should one be in the presence of an extremely high noise environment, all that one needs to do is to place the switch in the closed position in order to increase the noise blocking effectiveness.

The Hurricane III headset itself would be able to deliver up to 40dB of protection against loud noises, where among them include the likes of gunshots as well as other impulse noises, all the while preserving situational awareness. There is a switch in the closed position the headset that will do further work to reduce ambient background noise by another 21dB. The headset itself will also boast of a noise-canceling microphone and a low-profile design which can be worn while wearing a helmet or mask. The durable design in addition to its tough construction would let the headset withstand harsh environmental conditions.

The Hurricane III is well positioned to balance excellent noise reduction with the ability to hear ambient sounds or conversations, and at the same time maintain clear radio communication. It comes across highly recommended for shooting ranges, public safety applications, and any environments where loud noises are present and hearing normal conversation is important. Any takers for this particular Hurricane III headset from OTTO? It certainly looks as though it will be able to do its bit to help you save your eardrums in the long run.

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