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OtterBox teams up with mophie to deliver the uniVERSE

universeThe uniVERSE is not the place where everyone and everything lives in and exists within, as this particular uniVERSE is the love child between OtterBox and mophie. OtterBox is the top trusted brand in smartphone case protection, while mophie is a leading mobile battery brand. Their collaboration has resulted in the delivery of advanced wireless charging technology in the form of the uniVERSE Case System.

The uniVERSE Case System is unique, in the sense that it arrives as a modular protective case which can transform itself by offering additional ability through the attachment of a range of accessories from different top mobile brands, such as SanDisk expandable memory and olloclip lenses. mophie’s latest charge force battery and adapter for the uniVERSE Case System will pave the way for universal wireless charging, where it will play nice with other popular wireless charging platforms including the likes of Qi. Qi is slowly but surely gaining popularity among a variety of places such as cafes, new vehicles and the connected home.

The prices will vary, depending on the kind of configuration that you would like to have. The mophie charge force battery for uniVERSE will set you back by $69.95 a pop, where it boasts of a low-profile, 2,500mAh capacity and priority+ charging which will charge the iPhone first before proceeding with the battery. Those who think that there is no need for extended battery life can settle for the $49.95 charge force adapter, where it delivers all the conveniences of wireless charging to iPhone with virtually unnoticeable size and weight.

There are also different accessories available for charging and mounting purposes. The integrated magnet will align the charge force battery and adapter using any mophie charge force mounting accessory, delivering a perfect charge at your convenience. Right now, the mophie charge force battery and adapter for uniVERSE Case System are available, although other charge force accessories will be released in due time.

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