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OtterBox helps to protect your new HTC One (M8)

otterbox-htc-one-m8So, you already have the intention of picking up the all new HTC One (M8) flagship smartphone from your mobile carrier (assuming that they offer it, of course). What is the next step after getting the handset? Why, it would make perfect sense if you decide to offer your spanking new smartphone a certain amount of protection. If that were to be the case, then it would be prudent of you to settle for something from a company who has had plenty of experience in this particular area before, which would be OtterBox. OtterBox has just announced their Defender Series as well as Commuter Series of protective cases for the HTC One (M8).

This does not come across as a surprise at all, since OtterBox happens to be a partner in the “Made for HTC devices” global licensing program. As for the OtterBox Symmetry Series, this happens to be a sleek, one-piece case which will be able to balance trusted OtterBox protection alongside fashion-forward styling in a range of colors and graphics, not to mention Clearly Protected screen and device protectors that will be made available in due time.

The Defender Series for HTC One (M8) will be able to deliver a rugged, triple-layer protection which guards against drops, shock, dust and scratches. There is a built-in screen protector, polycarbonate shell and synthetic rubber outer layer that works well together to help safeguard HTC’s flagship device even though it happens to be in the most demanding of environments, all without cramping its style or any of its features.

As for the Commuter Series for HTC One (M8), it will merge a durable inner synthetic rubber layer with a thin polycarbonate outer shell and self-adhesive screen protector. This synthetic rubber is able to absorb bumps and shocks as the outer hard shell provides solid impact protection, where it slides easily in and out of a pocket or purse.

Clearly Protected happens to be a premium line of custom-cut screen protectors and device wraps which will offer additional protection against scratches and scuffs. Their dry application process and bubble-free technology ought to make the installation process a no brainer, and yet is capable of withstanding heavy daily use.

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